FireAngel 10 Year Digital Battery CO Alarm

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Features advanced electrochemical sensor and multi function display. Low level monitoring with unique pre alarm and ventilate warning. Memory function, LED intensity reduces at night time.

  • 10 year life featuring a 10 year sealed for life lithium battery
  • Advanced electrochemical sensor calibrated and tested in CO gas
  • Advanced diagnostics support via cable
  • Multi function display provides visual user instructions
  • LCD Illuminates and colour varies depending on event type
  • Low level monitoring with unique 'pre alarm' and ventilate warning
    • Low Level CO Warning: indicated by the LOW LEVEL WARNING sound and flash pattern
    • Ventilate instruction
  • Memory function ‒ indication of previous alarm activation
  • Intelligent sensing algorithm, increases sensing rate on detection of low level CO
  • LED Heartbeat intensity automatically reduces at nighttime
  • Silence function for low battery alerts extended until the next morning
  • Environmental monitoring - Temperature and humidity warning alarm, providing warning for prolonged dangerous environmental conditions
  • Quiet test function supports discreet testing at a lower volume when compared to standard CO alarms

Approvals: KM 551504, BS EN 50291-1: 2018, BS EN 50291-2: 2019


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