FireAngel Mains Heat Alarm - Smart RF Ready

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10 year sealed for life lithium Panasonic battery back-up

  • Smart RF Ready - Fit a Smart RF Radio Module (FS1521W2) to wirelessly interlink up to 50 FireAngel Smart RF products, including FireAngel Connect Gateway
  • Thermistek technology, incorporating a unique radiant heat dish
  • Low energy usage - typically less than 10% of the average 230V AC heat alarm
  • Proven carbon footprint of = 1.7kg CO2 per alarm over 10 years
  • Ultra slim, integrated base plate for easy installation
  • Centralised button - Test / Smart Silence / Locate
  • Secondary buzzer
  • Mixed system compatibility: Smart RF and hardwired alarms on a single network, Mains and battery powered alarms on a single network
  • Grade D1 as per BS 5839-6:2019
  • Suitable to protect the most dangerous room within a home, a kitchen


Connected Home compatibility: Add a Smart RF Module to interlink with FS2126-T Smoke, SM-SN-1 Mains Smoke FS1226-T Heat, FS1326-T Carbon Monoxide, FS1552W2-T Vibrating Alarms and FS1524W2-T Control Unit

Positioning: Boiler Room | Kitchen| Laundry Room | Loft | Garage

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