Resideo Carbon Dioxide Alarm

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The houses we build today are better insulated, warmer, more energy efficient, which is great for the planet, but it can negatively impact your home or building’s natural ventilation. If you or your family experience drowsiness, headaches and poor concentration, this could be a sign of high carbon dioxide levels in your home. Our R200C2-A CO2 detector will help to monitor your indoor air quality to help keep you and those around you feeling happier and healthier all year round.

The dangers of CO2.
Carbon Dioxide, or CO2, is a natural part of the atmosphere and the air we breathe. As we take in oxygen, we exhale carbon dioxide. In enclosed spaces, such as homes or offi ces, a lack of ventilation can cause a build-up of CO2, which can lead to a number of symptoms ranging from mild discomfort to even loss of consciousness.
  • Clear LED reading
  • Alert System
  • Room Temperature
  • Humidity Detection
  • 10 Year Service Life
  • Traffic Light Reading

A green indicator means CO2 levels are safe, harmless, and under a healthy ≤1000 ppm limit.
An Amber light is a warning sign, to flag when levels have reached between 1000 ppm - 1500 ppm.
You should consider ventilating your home at this point, opening a window or door to allow fresh air in.
When levels reach above 1500 ppm, the red colour alert will flash and the alarm will emit a 75 dB alarm sound.
You should take immediate action to ventilate the room and everyone should access fresh air.

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